1.       Remain calm.

2.       Direct/remove persons in immediate danger to a safer area.

3.       For a) Minor and b) Major Fires:

a)       Minor Fire: Call “CODE RED”, giving the specific location repeating slowly & clearly 3 times using Page button on right side of telephone console or dial 501. Fight fire using extinguishers, ONLY after alarm has been raised, if there is a CLEAR ESCAPE ROUTE and user is confident in SAFE USE of extinguisher.

 b)       Major Fire: Activate nearest manual fire alarm pull station. Close doors & windows if safe to do so.

4.       Reception calls EMS (403) 932-2222 and provides alarm number, cite location and any pertinent particulars (i.e. injuries etc.). 

5.       Evacuate, if fire alarm sounds at any point during a code red, through the nearest safe exit.  As you go, check all empty rooms (i.e. washrooms, exam rooms etc.), closing doors and windows. DO NOT lock doors.  * Assist anyone who may require help to leave the building (i.e. elderly, handicapped, children).                                                                  

6.       Proceed quickly outside and clear of building to designated Muster Point. Remain in place until “ALL CLEAR” called.

7.       Return to building only if / when authorized by Emergency Site Response Coordinator.

8.       Deactivation / Resetting Fire Alarm: Emergency Site Response Coordinator will update staff as code proceeds and reset fire alarm system only after receiving permission from Fire Department.