An estimated one-third of all home and community care clients require wound care. As the use of Home Care services increases with an aging population and shorter hospital stays, it is becoming increasingly important to have an evidence-based Skin and Wound Care program. Research shows that wound care protocols developed using evidence-informed guidelines not only lead to improved client outcomes but also to a reduction in healthcare costs.

SHS recognizes the importance of all members of the health care team having the knowledge and skills to contribute to not only the management of wounds but also to the prevention of wounds. E-learning modules on wounds, ostomies and continence care developed by experts with Health Canada have therefore been deemed mandatory education in the orientation process along with the annual Health Canada Dressing Formulary Update. In addition, when treating complex wounds that are often accompanied by co-morbid conditions, personnel of the SHS Home Care Program have access to an Enterostomal Therapist (ET) for further consultation.