Performing Blood Glucose Test

  1. Place the meter on a flat surface.
  2. Put on gloves.
  3. Clean the Test Strip Port of the Glucometer using an Alcohol Prep swab and allow it to dry. Do not allow liquids to run up into the glucometer. Note: Wring out excess moisture from alcohol swab to prevent liquids from entering the meter and causing it to fail.
  4. Turn on the meter by either inserting a test strip or pushing the yellow “Home” button on the front of the meter. Check for expiration date of test strips.
  5. Make sure that the sampling site is clean and dry before lancing.
  6. Collect the capillary blood sample using a disposable lancing device by Finger Puncture.  Note: The sample volume required is 0.3 microliters.
  7. Apply a drop of blood to the target area at the end of the test strip. Allow the entire target area to fill with blood.  Do not disturb the test strip once the sample has been applied to the test strip. The meter will beep when a sufficient sample has been retrieved by the test strip. 
  8. Note: The countdown for the “Insulinx” Glucometer is 5 seconds.  The meter allows for additional blood to be applied to the same test surface for up to 60 seconds following initial application. Make sure puncture site is bleeding well. Do not milk the finger for extra blood as this will dilute out the sample with plasma.
  9. If another puncture is required to obtain sufficient sample, use a new lancing device to perform another puncture.  The setting for the depth of puncture may need to be increased if the samples are of insufficient quantity from the client. Note: Depth control is only available on client-specific lancing devices, not the single use lancets.
  10. Once the Glucometer has indicated the capillary blood glucose sample reading, the icon to the left of the number can be chosen so that additional data can be entered;  (i.e. Pre or Post Prandial)
  11. If results are out of measuring range, repeat the test with a new test strip to confirm the results.  If a second test is out of measuring range, notify the appropriate manager.