Medication Reconciliation

    1. Medication Reconciliation is an essential component of safe medication management by the systematic identification and resolution of any discrepancies in medication therapies . It is an interprofessional and interdependent process in which the client, family and /or alternative decision-maker play a critical role. At SHS, Medication Reconciliation must be systematically validated and/or re-validated, as the case may be, for certain clients in certain circumstances and at specified care transitions.
    2. Medication Reconciliation starts with a complete and accurate BPMH carried out collected by the Health Professional using at least two sources of information (i.e. client/family interview, NetCare, medication packaging, most recent Medication Profile etc.); and, always with the involvement of the client, family and/or caregiver (as appropriate) using Netcare. The BPMH must include a comprehensive list of all medications the client is currently taking, including prescribed, OTC, and traditional/herbal supplements at the time of the collection of the BPMH.
    3. For both Clinic and Home Care clients, authorised Stoney Health Services personnel shall provide the client and the next care provider with an updated Current Medication List. The client shall also be encouraged to share the list with family members and all relevant care providers.