Course Summary- Section 3

21.       NEEDLESTICK AND BLOOD/BODY FLUID EXPOSURE PROTOCOL: An employee who comes into contact with at-risk fluids must immediately: 

·         Remove contaminated clothing;

·         Encourage bleeding

·         Wash with soap and running water, avoid scrubbing

·         Notify manager immediately.

22.       OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY COMMITTEE (OHSC) : Any SHS employee/contracted service provider may submit a concern/question to the Safety Officer or to any member of the OHSC.


23.       PARENTAL LEAVE; Employees who have worked for SNN for at least six (6) consecutive months are entitled to up to thirty-seven (37) weeks of unpaid leave in the year following either the day a child is born or the day a child comes into the employees care and custody.( Reference: Stoney Nakoda Nation Staff Regulations, 2019, Section 31.11)


24.       PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: ):  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a key element in preventing the transmission of disease-causing microorganisms. However, if not used properly, not only will PPE fail to prevent transmission, it may in fact contribute to the spread of disease.


25.       PREGNANCY: An employee who is pregnant or nursing may request that the employer modify her job functions or reassign her to another job if continuing any of her current job functions may pose a risk to her health or that of her fetus or nursing child.


26.       PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE: Report any maintenance issues related to any medical/non-medical equipment/furnishings used in all service areas/programs, to electronic/heating/ventilation systems, to the Manager and Safety Officer using the SHS Incident Reporting Form.


27.       RELIGIOUS/SPIRITUAL LEAVE : Employees may be granted leave to attend religious or spiritual events without pay.( Reference: Stoney Nakoda Nation Staff Regulations, 2019, Section 31.11)


28.       REPORTING WORKPLACE HEALTH AND SAFETY INCIDENTS:  All Workplace health and safety incident must be reported as soon as possiobe according to the Incident Management Policy.


29.       SAFE DRIVING: Safe Driving precautions include among others …….

·         Checking weather conditions, traffic and road works along the route of travel

·         Wearing seat belts at all times during vehicle operation;

·         Avoiding using a hand-held phone for any purpose while driving.


30.   SMOKING CESSATION: SHS Manulife Health Benefits plan provides coverage for smoking cessation medication and alternative therapies.


31.   TRAINING FOR SHS PERSONNEL: SHS provides annual Workplace Health and Safety training for its personnel with special attention to targeted safety and risk areas.


32.   VACATION LEAVE: An employee earns but is not eligible to take vacation leave with pay during his/her first three (3) months of continuous service. (Reference: SNN Staff Regulations (2019), Section 13.7


33.   WORK-RELATED INJURIES: Employees of SHS shall report all work-related injuries to their immediate superior as soon as possible after having received First Aid (if necessary).   


34.   WORK REFUSAL: An employee may refuse to do work, or to do a particular type of work if he/she believes that the work (either a work process or the operation of equipment) would create an undue hazard to the health and safety of any person.