Course Summary- Section 2


·         All persons in the SHS environment including, but not limited to, all clients, visitors, contractors, vendors and delivery persons shall refrain from harassment, intimidation and verbal and/or physical violent behaviours towards persons or objects.

·          Breaches of this policy may result in sanctions, up to and including dismissal in the case of SHS personnel/contractors or cessation of services in the case of clients/ family members and /or visitors.


12.       HAZARDOUS MATERIAL AND WASTE: All SHS personnel should have TDG /WHMIS training before handling or transporting any hazardous material. This includes an update every three year or more frequently, as necessary.


13.       HOME VISIT SAFETY: For clients considered to be living in high risk situations, safety measures for home visiting SHS personnel should include a “Safe Visit Plan” .

14.       HOUSEKEEPING: Good housekeeping precautions for all SHS personnel include, among others:

·         Immediately clearing away any dangerous substance or spillage;

·         Avoid leaving equipment /supplies where these can be a tripping hazard


15.       IDENTIFICATION CARDS: All SHS personnel and contractors will wear authorised SHS identification cards at all times while on duty.


·         For all new employees, immunization records will be reviewed by Nursing according the current immunization schedule;

·         Flu shots are encouraged and available for all staff;


17.       JOB SAFETY ANALYSIS: All SHS positions will have a risk assessment performed on orientation and at every five (5) years thereafter (or more often if required) jointly by the job incumbent and his/her Manager and the Safety Officer.


18.       MATERNITY LEAVE: * Pregnant employees who have worked for SHS for at least six (6) consecutive months are entitled to a total of seventeen (17) weeks of unpaid leave beginning not earlier than eleven (11) weeks prior to the estimated delivery date set and terminating no later than seventeen (17) weeks following the actual date of delivery.( Reference: Stoney Nakoda Nation Staff Regulations, 2019).


19.       MEDICAL LEAVE/SICK LEAVE CREDITS: Permanent full-time employees may use sick leave credits for medical and dental appointments, if pre-authorized by the Manager. .( Reference: Stoney Nakoda Nation Staff Regulations, 2019).


20.   MONITORING THE SHS HEALTH AND SAFETY WORKPLACE STRATEGY: Service providers’ fatigue and stress levels shall also be monitored and related strategies put in place to reduce safety risks associated with fatigue and stress.