Course Summary- Section 1



·         SHS Personnel, Physicians, Consultants, Students and Visitors shall comply with this policy at all times to protect themselves and others from workplace health and safety incidents.

·         All shall Promptly report and/or collaborate with investigations of all workplace health and safety complaints or incidents

·         Participate in training regarding this policy and related procedures


2.       COMMUNICATION ABOUT WORKPLACE HEALTH AND SAFETY: A key activity includes meeting with employees regularly (i.e. daily huddles, general staff meetings etc.) to discuss the health and safety issues


3.       DISABILITY MANAGEMENT: (*Reference: Stoney Nakoda Nation Staff Regulations, 2019)

·      Where an employee will be off due to a work-related injury for three (3) or more weeks they must apply for short term disability

·      The Stoney Tribal Administration considers Drug and/or Alcohol Dependency as a mental, physical and psychological disability.


4.       ELECTRICAL SAFETY: Measures include, among others …….

·         Do not overload sockets

·         Do not allow wires to project into the walkways where they present a tripping hazard

·         Keep electrical panel doors closed at all times


5.       EMERGENCY RESPONSE AND RECOVERY SAFETY: All SHS personnel are trained in emergency, fire and disaster safety at the time of orientation.


6.       EMPLOYEE AND FAMILY ASSISTANCE: SHS subscribes to the Manulife Employee and Family Assistance program (EFAP) to help SHS personnel deal with personal or job-related problems


7.       EMPLOYEES WORKING ALONE:  Communicate their whereabouts to their supervisor/colleagues and use the “sign-out board” located at reception desk. Exceptionally, if you have to work late /alone, must let your Manager know why and for how long. Contact your Manager when leaving


8.       ERGONOMIC WORKSPACES: An Occupational Therapy assessment will be provided to employees at risk for repetitive strain injuries.


·         Use any and all equipment according to the manufacturer’s specifications

·         Not use any faulty/damaged equipment

·         Report any faulty/damaged equipment as soon as possible


10.   ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY: Environmental safety responsibilities of SHS personnel include among others…   

·         Reporting unsafe working conditions to the Manager and SHS Safety Officer in a timely manner;

·         Taking an active part in health and safety training;

·         Working safely and cooperating with SHS’ by following health and safety rules.