Course highlights- Section 3


    • Recommended Hands Washing Times (4 Moments for Hand Hygiene)
      • Before initial contact with the client or their environment
      • Before a clean/aseptic procedure
      • After body fluid exposure risk
      • After touching a client or their environment
  • Technique:
    • Wet hands with warm water and apply enough soap to ensure all hand surfaces are lathered thoroughly (e.g. two to three pumps);
    • Vigorously rub soap product over all the surfaces of the hands and wrists, including; palms, spaces between fingers, back of hands and wrists, fingers, fingertips, and thumbs for a minimum of 20 seconds;
    • Rinse hands under warm running water;
    • Pat hands dry with disposable paper towels;
    • Turn off faucets and open door using paper towels;
    • Discard disposable paper towels.