Course highlights- Section 1

  • Additional Precautions – 3 Types : (1) Contact Precautions, 2) Droplet Precautions and 3) Airborne Precautions shall be used by all SHS Personnel, physicians and Contractors in complement to Routine Practices in the event of a suspected/identified infection in order to interrupt the transmission of infectious agents.
  • BEDBUGS: Clients are referred to their family physician or the SHS NP only if infection is suspected, for management of symptoms and to receive medical treatment if clinically indicated.
  • BOIL WATER ADVISORY: A boil water advisory (BWA) is a notification that the drinking water supply may be contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms (e.g., E. coli bacteria, Giardia parasite, etc.), and that drinking the tap water can make clients, staff and visitors sick.
  • CLEANING & DISINFECTION OF STAFF/CLIENT AREAS: Visible blood and body fluid spills must never be allowed to dry. They should be removed promptly, using a hospital grade detergent/disinfectant (Cavicide). Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) should also be worn.
  • CLEANING, DISINFECTION, TRANSPORATION AND STORAGE OF LOANED, REUSABLE NON-CRITICAL MEDICAL EQUIPMENT: CaviCide disinfectant spray (an intermediate-level surface disinfectant) is used to disinfect medical equipment. That is,  unless it is otherwise stated on Manufacturer’s product description that a higher-level disinfectant is required or that the medical equipment cannot be disinfected and intended for one-time use only.