Course highlights- Section 1

  • Conflict of Interest arises whenever personal, professional or business interests of an SHS. employee/contracted service provider are actually, perceived to be or potentially at odds with the best interest of SHS
  • All SHS Staff Members and Contracted Service Providers must be aware of the possibility that conflicts of interest may arise and shall avoid situations where real or perceived conflicts of interest may occur.
  • Conflicts of interest situations include, among others:
        1. Using one’s position, discretion, power, or authority etc. with SHS to influence / seek to influence;
        2. Soliciting, obtaining, accepting or retaining any gifts, money and/or personal benefit from a supplier;
        3. Exploiting, or reasonably appearing to exploit, work situations to their personal advantage;
        4. Using work time, equipment, supplies, etc. to benefit his / her private interests.