Course highlights

  • Professional misconduct, harassment and disruptive, disrespectful, aggressive and /or violent behaviour as well as any other behaviour unbecoming of a representative of SHS is unacceptable and will not be tolerated
  • MAINTAINING ACCEPTABLE CONDUCT includes, among others:
    • Maintaining a sense of objectivity, understanding, and fairness in their professional performance and in their personal relations
    • Refraining from engaging in any behaviour that may prevent the health care team from providing quality care, and/or otherwise create a hostile or intimidating work environment such as offensive comments, violence or threats of violence, acting in a rude, intimidating or otherwise unprofessional manner, criticizing individuals in inappropriate forums
    • In no case, shall the reporting of inappropriate conduct or misconduct under this Code of Conduct result in retaliation or retribution of any kind against the individual who reports such inappropriate conduct or misconduct, or who cooperates with an investigation or otherwise participates in the procedures set forth in this Code.