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CONTRAINDICATIONS:  Non-complaint client; Possibility of orbital fracture

COMPLICATIONS: Trauma; Infection


  1. Clinical Alert: If the client complains of acute pain during the irrigation, stop the irrigation, wait a few minutes and then continue. If the pain continues, stop treatment and notify the physician or nurse practitioner.
  2. Special Considerations/Precautions:
      • Maintain asepsis throughout the procedure.
      • Wear Personal Protective Equipment throughout the procedure.
      • Warm sterile irrigating solution to body temperature (37 oC or 98.6oF).
      • When irrigating both eyes, have the client tilt his head toward the side being irrigated to avoid cross-contamination.
      • For chemical burns, irrigate each eye for at least 15 minutes with Normal Saline solution.
      • Tap water may be used as an irrigant in an emergency situation.