Code Red – Course Overview

  1. What is a Code Red?

Code Red is the designated phrase to alert personnel to smoke or fire.

  1. What are your immediate actions when you hear a Code Red situation within your work area?

When a Code Red is announced it is the responsibility of the staff in the immediate area to assist the caller with the Code.

    • Help assess the situation if required
    • Help move clients away from the situation to a safe location
    • Retrieve fire extinguishers
    • Help put out the fire
  1. What are your immediate actions when you hear a Code Red, which is in another work area or location?
    • It is important to offer support if you are able to do so.
    • If the Code Red is called within your building remain calm and alert to any further instructions
    • Be prepared and prepare clients to the possibility of evacuation
  1. How is a Code Red activated?

A Code Red is activated by announcing the specific location repeating slowly and clearly 3 times using the Page Button on the right side of the telephone console or dialing 501.

If you are unable to get to a phone, yelling a Code Red three times with the specific location will attract attention and support as an alternative.  Those that respond can then announce the Code over the telephone system

  1. What number do you call if you do not have a Fire Alarm Pull Station at your location?

You will dial 403 – 932 – 2222

You will supply the operators with pertinent information and the ALARM NUMBER which specifies your location.  This number can be found on the telephone receiver as well as on the front of the Emergency Code Red Book found under each telephone.

  1. What are the roles of other key personnel (e.g. Manager/supervisor, safety officer, fire department, EMS)?
    • Manager/supervisor will co-ordinate the Muster Point location and ensure everyone has safely exited the building. The manager/supervisor or Safety Officer will announce an all clear so that staff and clients may return to the building or to another location.
    • Safety Officer will ensure the building premise is empty of all staff and clients if possible. If a Code Red is called at any of the satellite sites the Safety Officer will head to that location to offer assistance, co-ordinate with the fire chief if required and ensure the safety of all staff and clients
    • The Fire Chief will co-ordinate all activities once they arrive. They will also be the one that will allow the return of staff and clients into the building once all is clear.
    • EMS will offer any medical support if required.
  1. Who is responsible for recording and reporting actions taken during Code Red Incidents?

A meeting will take place with the person who called the Code Red or pulled the Fire Alarm soon after the occurrence.  This meeting will involve the Safety Officer, a manager as well as the person that called the code.

This is done so that we can record correctly exactly what had happened, procedures taken, as well as any issues that may have occurred that could enable better action in the future.

  1. What other Emergency Response Codes and Plans are linked to Code Red?

Code Green – Evacuation

  1. What phrase is used to inform you that a Code Red is over?


  1. Where can you find out more information regarding Code Red?
    • Information of Code Red and all other codes is available in the Red Emergency Codes and Procedures book found under all telephones at SHS and their satellite sites
    • (V:) drive Policy and Procedure under the Emergency Response and Recovery
    • Talk with your Supervisor, Manager or the Safety Officer

Emergency number: 403-932-2222