CODE RED- Code red escalation to code green evacuation

  • A Code Red does not automatically become a Code Green Evacuation.
  • A Code Red could quickly become a Code Green if the fire cannot be controlled. It is vital to know the evacuation protocol and your designated Muster Point.
  • In these cases, the decision to escalate to a Code Green is made on site by Management, the Safety Officer or depending on the situation, you the staff.
  • If the fire alarm is activated everyone should evacuate the building and headĀ  to the designated Muster Point following Code GreenĀ  Evacuation protocol.
  • Once the fire has been extinguished and everything is secure; the fire chief, management, the safety officer or designate will announce that the code red has been rectified and all is clear
  • At this time staff may return to normal work duty and inform clients that everything is under control and rectified
  • A safety report will be filled out with the safety officer and/or manager, and the situation will be discussed and analyzed