Clients Rights

Clients have the right to be involved in their own care, including:

  • Being kept informed of their health status;
  • Making informed decisions regarding their care;
  • Being involved in care planning and treatment that meets  their unique needs and that is  provided  by competent personnel;
  • Being informed of unanticipated outcomes during their care in a timely manner;
  • Requesting or refusing treatment, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. This right must not be construed as a mechanism to demand the provision of treatment or services deemed medically unnecessary or inappropriate;
  • Receiving assistance in obtaining a consultation with another physician at their request;
  • Refusal of any proposed medication, treatment or procedure, to the extent permitted by law, and a physician shall inform the client of the medical consequences of her/his refusal;
  • Making an Advanced Directive; stating their choices and preferences regarding their physical and mental health treatment if they are unable to make informed decisions; and/or appointing a surrogate to make healthcare decisions on their behalf, to the extent permitted by law.